Tiger: sneak around the cannibals
Bob: it's the truth
Tiger: it's hilarious when people end pet-names with -poo because poop
Tiger: I am a mature adult
Bob: very
Frang: i don't remember what your person thing looks like so i just
Frang: imagined
Frang: that
Frang: i'm so accurate i won money for my accuracy

Notable test sentences: 

  1. Walking at a table after talking to companion around a bed.
  2. Talking to companion above a pond before daydreaming above the closet.
  3. Indulging in narcotics above the living room and walking inside a lake.
  4. Searching over a lake after hunting for item behind a chair
  5. Indulging in narcotics through a couch after indulging in narcotics at the beach.
  6. Drinking on the armrest of a couch but would rather be humming against the leisure room.
  7. Indulging in narcotics in a wall instead of talking to companion in a chair
  8. Reading at a random room but would rather be singing near a bed.

-After Prepositions Edit - 

  1. Daydreaming outside of the bedroom but would rather be spacing out on a bed.
  2. Daydreaming in the storage room while drinking in a random room.
  3. Spacing out in a tree while daydreaming under a tree.
  4. Sitting in a random room and walking in a random room.
  5. Inspecting behind a couch shortly before walking in front of a wall.
  6. Eating in the bedroom instead of talking to their companion behind a dresser.
  7. Walking in a random room before standing near the ocean.
  8. Sleeping on a dresser long before sleeping in a pond. 
  9. Eating behind a dresser shortly after sitting under a mountain.
  10. Inspecting in a tree long before reading under a couch. 
  11. Sleeping in the leisure room instead of walking on a table.
  12. Talking to their romantic partner in a pond instead of indulging in narcotics behind a couch.

-Interesting ones, that still make sense-

  1. Eating under a tree while reading on a chair.
  2. Drinking on a bed long after drinking near the lounge.
  3. Indulging in narcotics near the lounge after talking to an animal under a couch.
  4. Reading behind a chair and talking to an object under a table.
  5. Spacing out near the ocean long before whistling in the ocean.
  6. Hunting for a person in the office but would rather be standing on a couch.
  7. Hunting for a person in the office while whistling behind a chair. 
  8. Hunting for an item in front of a wall long after sitting against a tree.
  9. Searching in the bedroom shortly before reading in the bedroom.
  10. Indulging in narcotics in the hallway while spacing out on a chair.
  11. Indulging in narcotics in a tree shortly after singing in the storage room.

May require more editing but for now, this is generating decent results!

New structure:
1. (action) (preposition) (location) (conjunction) (second action) (second preposition) (second location)
with possible alternative:
2. (action) (preposition) (location)

—instead of having the prepositions after the verb, generate its own for phrase clarity
—Possibly include a code that generates both structures at random; with Structure 1 being more common than structure 2 if possible. 
—no parenthesis!
—leave the actions up for ambiguity 

[edit] grouped the prepositions to specific locations for more sentence stability. 
USE LISTS BELOW AS THEY ARE: (example sentences on next post)



hunting for an item
hunting for a person
taking a break from work
indulging in narcotics
talking to an object
talking to their romantic partner
talking to their companion
talking to an animal
spacing out


in the bedroom
outside of the bedroom
on a bed
under a bed
on a chair
behind a chair
beside a chair
on the armrest of a chair
on a couch
behind a couch
under a couch
on the armrest of a couch
on a table
under a table
beside a table
on a dresser
behind a dresser
in the closet
in the storage room
against a wall
in front of a wall
against the wall outside of their home
on a mountain
under a mountain
in the living room
near the living room
in the lounge
near the lounge
in the hallway
in the office
near the office
in the leisure room
near the leisure room
in a random room
against a tree
under a tree
in a tree
in a river
near a river
in a pond
near a pond
in a lake
near a lake
in the ocean
near the ocean
on the beach
near the beach

instead of
shortly before
long before
shortly after
long after
but would rather be

Character Placement Generator

//roll-dice 4-sides 6
(AIM chat)


Die 1— Action:
1 sitting (on) (in)
2 standing (around) (in) (on)
3 inspecting
4 eating/drinking (in)
5 walking/pacing (around) (in)
6 [Character’s preferred leisure activity] (in)

Die 2— Preposition or Conjunction (Optional) (repeat Die 1 list after if used)
1 while
2 instead of
3 before
4 after
5 but would rather be
6 and

Die 3— Location: (closest value)
1 Character’s current bedroom
2 closet (or storage area)
3 outside of [current character location]
4 the top of [current character location] i.e. roof, tree branch, etc.
5 [Character’s general lounge area]
6 [Work area]

Roll: 3325

Frisco is:
3 inspecting
3 before
2 standing (around) (in) (on)
5 [Character’s general lounge area]

Frisco had been inspecting the organization of his office, before deciding to stand around in the lounge and contemplate what to do next.

**Nothing is concrete and you can change up whatever you want of course, if you like it better!
This is just to provide a general outline, possibly of something you haven’t thought of before.

After all, it’s also possible to get “1622”
1 sitting (on) (in)
6 and
2 standing (around) (in) (on)
2 closet (or storage area)

Obviously, you can’t be sitting AND standing in a closet. This could be taken as: the character is kneeling in a storage closet, searching for something in a pile of junk that they just can’t find!

This character placement generator is meant to be a resource for when you need to approach a character that has otherwise not been in use, but you have no idea where that character should be, or what they should be doing!
This will help you figure out exactly(?) what your character was up to while you were away.
Feel free to add/amend anything to this list. 

feetsday party song is from Baman and Piderman

feetsday party song is from Baman and Piderman


a thing that happened 


a thing that happened 

Numble returns with coke

Mother: wb

Numble: and I do mean the cola

Mother: so this one time i was at a convention

Mother: with a bunch of friends

Mother: aaaand I got approached by a guy who asked if I Had any Coke

Mother: unfortunately, all I had at hte time was a bag of mountain dew. So I offered him one and hes like

Mother: “no no i mean” and did a motion to his nose

sollux: a bag of mountain dew

Mother: Upon realizing — well conventions, bro, you wanna stay up all day and night

sollux: a bag

Mother: you never wanna sleep, and I had a group with me so I had bought a -

Mother: yes A BAG 8C

sollux: not a bottle

FreeHugs: It comes in bags?


Mother: omg no im not that canadian

Numble: a bag of bottles?

Mother: yea

sollux: oh

Mother: a bag of bottles

Numble: that’s what I thought


FreeHugs: Okay, that makes more sense.

sollux: a bag of mountain dew haahahaa

Mother: NO NOT AHAHAH omg

Aioli entered this board.

Mother: we need to have that

Mother: NO OKE SO

Mother: UPON REALIZING HE MEANT THE DRUG, COCAINE, i was pretty shocked that someone would just approach any old person and ask for drugs

Aioli switched to the lobby.

Mother: Before I made the connection that I looked like a damn drug dealer. Im still not sure how I did, but apparently I did.

ponponwei entered this board.

Numble: goodness

Mother: it was pretty much the bes tmoment in my life.

ponponwei switched to the lobby.

Character Design Practice Game

Additional info since this game is new

-You do have to use every color in the “use these colors” section 
>However these colors can be shades of the color, rather than the precise color, but it MUST be recognizable as that color. 
>You are not LIMITED to these colors unless the judge specifies they would like it to be. 

-the “subject” can be anything from a genre to a very specific type of creature to a broad type of creature. Examples include: 
Horror, demon, steampunk, historical, vampire, dog, child, nature, nautical, hybrid (can specify animals), Greek monster, Japanese monster, (or just ‘monster’), god/goddess, sunken/ruined city, whatever you can think of that can spawn a character!

>If you have trouble drawing animals or creatures, you are able to design a human based on the topic. If the topic is “monster”, make a monster-hunter, or design their clothes with monsterous influence. Same thing can go with an animal, you could make a “gijinka”, a zoomorph (human with animal sections like this), and really, creativity is key here!

I would really like to emphasize that this is NOT about art skill, it’s about creativity. The first time I played this game, which was only yesterday when this was written (4/18/13), I have noticed people were choosing really… simple and uncreative designs merely because the artist put more detail in the artwork itself. It truly is up to the judge to decide, but this specific game is about the designs! 

How to judge: 
-Look at the use of the limited color palette to see if they used it efficiently
-Look at how they use the subject, the more creative uses deserve more credit. There are some really creative artists out there in iScribble with untapped ingenuity that deserve their chance to shine! 
-More importantly, look at what designs appeal to you. If it looks like a character you might fawn over, then by golly maybe you should pick that one!

Judging is very much the same as other drawing games, you number the selections based on your favorite. 
Next judgement can be passed on from 1 to 2 and if 2 passes to 3 and etc. 

Well that is all I hope you enjoy the game! This is just to make sure everything is fully understood since the game is still relatively new.